Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Errors logged during code generation- Failed to generate code for interface

I had done an entity addition and was trying to generate code after a successful model validation.
( The same sort of  error I got during an extension.)

Errors logged during code generation
  Failed to generate code for interface com.mycompany.mdm.entityObject.EObjXSearchRequestData due to exception: Cannot resolve binding for method /**
 * Select XSearchRequest by parameters.
 * @generated
@Select(sql=getEObjXSearchRequestSql) @EntityMapping(parameters=EObjXSearchRequestKeyField,results=EObjXSearchRequestAllFields) Iterator getEObjXSearchRequest(Long pkName);
  Possibly a classpath issue.

Go to your module project ->properties -> java build path ->Libraries->remove the JRE system library & add it again .:)

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