Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am doing a person extension called XPerson. I am getting the below error.
the tcrm_extension has the following entry

XPersonBObjExt = com.comp.test.component

com.dwl.base.requestHandler.exception.RequestParserException: Exception_DWLDocumentHandlerHelper_CannotCreateInstance: The object cannot be created with the following parameters. XML element name = XPersonBObjExt; class = XPersonBObjExt

I had taken it from developer works but this is an erro that we used to get frequently.

The error message you are getting indicates that the XPersonBObjExt class could not be instantiated. The most likely causes are:

  • the file that you edited is not being loaded by the server because it is not on the server classpath(Check in admin console-classpath)Application servers > server1 > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine
  • Look in class path u r properties file is there in the correct path.

  • the package name you put in is incorrect
  • the class does not exist - check the .class file exists
  • the class is not deployed - check that the module containing the class is included in the MDM application and the MDM application has been published to the server
  • the class is not loadable by the request-response framework - check that the module that contains it is in the J2EE dependencies of PartyEJB or DWLCommonServicesEJB

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