Monday, June 21, 2010

I had made entries about getContractByXXX in tcrm had done clean build,add/remove MDM many times.But still I am getting the following error.

com.dwl.base.exception.DWLBaseException: Exception_DWLTxnBP_Exception: The request cannot be processed by the application. Additional error message = Exception_Shared_NoProperty: The property is not defined in the properties file. Property = getContractByXXX

The error message you have indicates that the property "getContractByXXX" was not found. You should add it to If you have already done that - and checked the spelling is correct, and have restarted the server - then that would imply the server is not loading the properties files from the right location.

Go in to the WAS admin console, select the server, on the right hand side of the panel find Java and Process Management - Process Definition. On the next page, select Java Virtual Machine. You can edit the classpath if it is not correct.

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